Thursday, December 29, 2011

Today could be going more smoothly...

I really had too high of hopes for today, and am sorely disappointed. It isn't terrible, but I've already lost my temper with the kids and now I'm sitting on the porch listen to them argue while I clear my head. I put some laundry away, did some dishes, and tracked my packages (Bargain shopping is my new obsession. Scored a hoodie that my daughter can wear to school for $2.49 with free shipping)and set up the new blog, but haven't posted yet.

I remain hopeful and optimistic that this day will get better. Bit by bit the house is getting cleaner, and I think that I need to find something for us to do together that makes everyone a little happier. That's right, now I remember the playdough and the coloring. I get sidetracked easily. However, I think that they should put at least some effort into making the house a cleaner, happier place (considering it's 95% their mess) before I start doling out rewards.

It is so calm and peaceful out here. Everything looks still... It's an illusion, but it looks still...

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