Thursday, March 8, 2012

Aches and pains

So today I'm trying to fend off all the aches and pains. Headache, backache, my joints are still, and have painful heartburn that won't quit! I am trying not to let it ruin my day. I am desperate to be happy and want to get some housework and writing done. Tonight is a busy night, the boys have Open House at their school, and I don't want to be crabby and miserable. It is moments like these when I REALLY wish ibuprofen wasn't off limits.

I am very happy to have my little man home today though. We are watching Rocko's Modern Life, which I can't stand, but hopefully I will feel better soon and can read and play with the love of my life. We ate a good breakfast and just relaxing. I wish all of my children enjoyed being around me as much as he does. It makes me sad to think he'll outgrow me too...

Everything I read says that ibuprofen is relatively safe during the second trimester, so I'm sure it wouldn't hurt. I am SO miserable!

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  1. Hello. I'm assuming ur pregnant. I have five children & was told the only thing I could take during my pregnancy was Tylenol, or acetaminophen. U may want to check w ur ob Dr. But times have changed also.