Wednesday, March 21, 2012

I think the mania is officially over...

Today is my oldest son's 14th birthday and I am trying to be happy, but I've been sad all day. I miss the mania. I always hope it will last forever, but it never does. For my son's birthday I got him a checking account and deposited money in it, which should have made him happy (he really likes that kind of stuff) but it didn't. He has been mean and nasty to me all day and I just want to hug him, but he would never let me.

My middle son had this huge bumps on his side and it looks like a staph infection (my little one had one several years ago, so I've seen it before) so now, not only am I sad, but panicked and it's after 5pm, so I have to wait until tomorrow to take him to the doctor to confirm my fears.

The kids are going to Legoland with their dad on Friday, but I'm not going because I'm too pregnant to ride the rides and my oldest doesn't want to go. He is having friends over, so I figured we could clean the house, including the carpets. I love those kids more than life it hurts so bad when they say horrible things to me. I am miserable and wish that I could find something to make me happy again.

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