Tuesday, March 13, 2012

I love being manic...

Mania for me, it pretty fantastic! I have more energy, start new projects, eat healthier and wake up in a much better mood. It makes me very sad that one day, it will be gone and I will have to deal again with the depression, foggy brain, and non-productivity. I get up, wash dishes and clothes, write, and make things for the kids.

For instance, this morning, I got up before 6am, made monkey bread for breakfast, chocolate chip cookies for the kids' lunches, crocheted a skein into the beginning of a baby blanket my little unborn girl, washed two hand-washed loads of dishes, and the second load of laundry is in the washer (first is in the dryer), I've promoted some of my articles, and have much more planned for today. I do realize I will crash this afternoon, but it will be a well-deserved nap. I only wish that I could motivate my son to turn off the TV and play.

I thought I was going to lose it
yesterday though. I got a call from my OB saying that there may be an issue with my daughter's kidney's, but it is too soon to tell, and she is referring me to a specialist. I keep telling myself that everything will be fine. The doctor said that it could be a normal variation, and not to worry. It's a little difficult though, when there is a helpless little baby in your womb that depends on you for survival. I hope she's ok. She's kicking the crap out of me, so I know she's happy.

Like I said, I've been writing a lot, and now I am the Channel Manager of the Teens channel on Helium. Here are some articles I have been working on, and I hope to add more today.
How to handle unwanted parenting advice
Tips for efficient house cleaning
Money is the root of all evil
Why writing for Helium is better than blogging
Reflections: Abortion
Setting social media limits for your pre-teens

Pictures I took yesterday:

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