Friday, February 10, 2012

Beautiful day!

Today was a wonderful day. My son had a field trip down in San Diego and I got to spend the day in my favorite city all day. Well, favorite so far, because I haven't been anywhere in England. So, I watched the ships, saw seals in the bay, and bought two roses from a guy in front of Anthony's Fish Grotto who made the most amazing creations out of palm fronds.

I really love San Diego. It's beautiful and the most wonderful city. The people are more laid back than LA and you see people all day who enjoy life...even the homeless ones.

I also went to the outdoor mall that is in the Gaslamp Quarter and played chess on a huge chess board. Of course I won!

A few other things didn't go so well, but I am not let that spoil my day or even think about it. Tomorrow is a busy day as well, because my little one was invited to a birthday party. I am really excited to see how tomorrow works out.

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