Monday, February 6, 2012


I feel like I'm on a rollercoaster. Saturday I woke up and felt fantastic. Sunday, I had a headache and body aches and felt horrible. Today, I didn't manage to wake myself up until 10:30am. I felt like I'd been drugged. I fell asleep around 9:30pm last night, had extremely vivid dreams, and had a very hard time waking up. I was so tired, even when I managed to get up. Now, I feel ok, but still more tired than usual. I feel like writing...

I know I've had much more sugar than I should have this morning, and that is making me feel guilty. Right now, I'm enjoying the peace and quiet in the house and watching "Grimm." I need to clean my house, I wish I had more energy.

I got incentive payments for these articles, which made me happy.
How to make homemade finger paints
Best type of milk for toddlers
And then I was feeling somewhat philosophical:
Reflections: How do we know that we exist?

Yesterday, although I wasn't feeling so great, I went to the swap meet with SO and two of our boys. I bought a lemon tree, my first citrus tree or tree of any kind, and I can't wait to plant it. I want to grow things. The lemons are so beautiful.

I think that I need to make the kids' chores more defined. They don't help out nearly as much as they should, and I don't have the energy to do it all right now. I hate feeling like this, but I hate letting the house suffer even more.

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