Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Caffeine: My friend or my nemesis?

Today when I woke up, I felt nearly normal. As close to normal as I think I can be under the current circumstances. I felt ok, until someone put me in a sour mood. I don't think it was completely his fault, but I had a very rough day and felt not just grumpy, but angry. Everything I ate tasted bad, and the mail brought frustrating news, but I've dealt with that. It was actually a productive day, but I think the turning point was the vanilla Starbuck Frappucino drink (in the glass bottles from the grocery store) that I drank this afternoon.

Caffeine affects me in different ways at different times. I used to drink a lot of soda, mainly Coke, and I've weaned myself. I generally drink water, unless I'm having a craving. Sometimes, caffeine makes me irritable, anxious, and can actually bring on an anxiety attack. However, sometimes, it perks me up just enough to feel good, happy, and positive. Today, it was the latter, which was a nice surprise. I feel energetic (although I'm sure that will be short-lived) and am sure I will get a few things accomplished this evening that have been on my mind.

I'm sure the most depressing of event of today was selling my car. I sold it for $350 because it needed quite a bit of work on it and the reg was expired, but most of that went to pay the reg on SO's car, so that the children have a ride to school, and he can get to work. That hurt! It was depressing because I still can't pay my phone bill that is 2 months+ past due or any of the other bills. I am looking forward to tax season to pay bills and get through. There are a lot of field trips and places I'd like to take the children over the next couple of months, so that will be nice too. Tax season is always a happy time around here.

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