Monday, January 30, 2012

Money is supposed to make me happy...

Well, we learned today that the tax refund is on its way and will post tomorrow night. I should be elated. I am really trying. I think the problem is that I am stuck at home with broken appliances, but tonight will be fun. We bought some gift cards to spend while we wait and are going out to dinner with the kids. My job is to sort coupons and clean the house, but I'm not in the mood. I will try to motivate myself, however, and get some things done. I'm sure once I take a shower and bask in the sunshine, I will feel better and that mania will kick in.

I'm busy writing today. I wrote an article yesterday that will transition to Helium once that an article is purchased, and I have two more assignments to write. I am over half way done with one of them, then just one more to go. Then I think it's time for some creative writing. Happy Monday!

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