Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sunday morning, babies and dreams...

So last night I had dreams about my grandmother, who is deceased, and was the most stable parental figure in my life. It was like glimpsing the future if she was still alive and my oldest two children were the age they are now. My younger kids, the ones I had after she died, were not in this dream. She was angry with us, and everything we did seemed to be wrong. Brought back many memories...

I am anxious about getting to the doctor and checking on the baby. I don't feel him/her move often, of course I'm only 16 weeks, but it is making my nervous. I want to see him/her, hear the heartbeat, and be assured everything is fine, because what if it's not?

I won't let my anxiety get the best of me today though. It is Sunday and there is nothing to do but hang out with the family and clip coupons. Today is a day of rest and I want to enjoy that.

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