Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Interesting day...

So, in an attempt to make the most of my day, I stayed out...all day. This made me...crabby! Very impatient and grumpy. To be fair, the day began with taking the little one and SO to breakfast (yes I paid) and the little guy had an accident that ruined his pants and undies. So, he was smuggled out of the restaurant in daddy's sweatshirt, where we headed to the nearest store to get him some replacements.

Then, I spent over an hour to find my my car will never run under my watch. I certainly don't have enough money to put into it. Very depressing...

The highlight was picking up a few things for the kids' school projects, because I love to see their motivation at work. I envy it, because by the time middle school rolled around, as well as puberty, my bipolar nature came with it, and I couldn't focus on school projects if my life depended on it. Tests...fine, fast, no problem, but anything that required complete concentration and multiple days worth of work..forget. Maybe that is why I've never written a book. Short stories, definitely...but never a book.

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