Thursday, January 19, 2012

New day!

Well, surprise, surprise, when someone went off to work today, my day and mood improved. I feel lots of energy and positivity for getting things accomplished today, although I know my steam will run out before I'm finished. However, I will take today 15 minutes at a time (thank you FlyLady ).

Apparently, my services are needed as Luigi in Super Mario Bros 3 with my 4 year old, but what's more important, housework or spending quality time with the little one? I try to ensure that I always have time for the kids no matter what they need me to do, no matter how trivial. Plus, he's a little bossy.

I already feel myself getting distracted because the amount of information in my head is overwhelming. There are so many things I need to do and it is hard to stay calm. I often liken this feeling to having about 100 different browser tabs open and having difficultly keeping track of all of them. However, today is about babysteps and 15 min at a time.

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