Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Relationships, Kids...blah

I feel like crap. I'm assuming it is due to the fact that I forgot to take my vitamin B6 today. It could be because I was out late picking up my mother from the airport. It also could be that the kids are crazy and the significant other is in a bad mood.

Whatever the reason, I don't feel good at all. I hate relationships. I'm terrible at them. If I wasn't pregnant, I'm sure I wouldn't be in one. It's just that I deal better with life alone. Relationships cause unwanted stress and tension. I don't like dealing with it. They do have their benefits, but today, I'm just over it.

The little ones have been extremely crazy as well, and they haven't been home 2 hours. I'm thankful to have a large yard that they can roam free. The younger boys are free range children anyway.

I think I might get some writing done this evening. I'm in the mood to vent and writing is the best way to channel that energy.

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